Quintember (paperback)

Quintember (paperback)

Author: Richard Major


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    The first volume of the misdemeanours of Dr Felix Culpepper

    When there is a high crime to be covered up, a mystery to be wrapped in an enigma, or a murderer to be liquidated — literally — there is only one man in England who can be trusted with the task: Felix Culpepper, tutor in Classics at St Wygefortis' College, Cambridge, and assassin-at-large for the British Establishment. From the eerie deserts of Arizona to the high-rolling hotels of the Adriatic, Culpepper moves with consummate ease and an unexpected penchant for guns, drugs and esoteric methods of murder ó all to save himself from the drudgery of cramming Latin into the privileged, empty skulls of the dregs of Britainís aristocracy. With an intellectual vanity that rivals Holmes, more self-esteem than Bond and a blood-steeped amorality that out-Ripleys Hannibal Lecter, Culpepper is the ideal hero for our debased days. And only in his student, sidekick, and pending nemesis, Margot ffontaines-Laigh, does he meet his match.

    Rarely does an author have so fresh and lush a voice. Major's writing feels wholly new with the rib-cracking dry humour of Wodehouse, a dash of Waugh, and a Joycean love of the sound of words. You'll want to read lines aloud and I laughed repeatedly over the course of the first few pages. Masterly, fresh, witty, this is a major new voice, - Noah Charney, best-selling author of ‘The Art Thief’ and ‘The Art of Forgery’ 

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