Mr Brexit

Mr Brexit

Author: Sir Reginald Futtock


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    For fifty years, Sir Reginald’s career has been synonymous with British business: from launching the world-beating Austin Allegro to taking RBS to the pinnacle of international banking. Now he brings this wealth of experience to helping Britain plan for success in the post-Brexit world. As chair of the Prime Minister’s Brexit Advisory Committee, Sir Reg gives us a glimpse of Government plans for guest workers, floating universities and a US-friendly NHS. He explains why selling the National Trust to overseas investors will promote British values and how revitalising Britain’s mercenary forces will bring in much-needed hard currency. Mr Brexit is a must-read for all those who want to know what the future holds as Britain stands on the edge of an abyss and steps forward with confidence. 

    Sir Reginald is a monstrous comic creation in the tradition of Diary of a Nobody or the Henry Root Letters. Part-autobiography, part manifesto for a freer and less equal Britain, he unwittingly reveals the delusions and deceits of the Brexit campaign and the doomed and fatuous ‘plan’ for Britain’s economic future.

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