The Ballad of Curly Oswald

The Ballad of Curly Oswald

Author: Curly Oswald


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    Born in a woodland pond and raised in a hippie commune, Curly Oswald is the ultimate outsider, unhindered by conventional schooling or any administrative ties with the wicked System. Now, confined to hospital following a near-fatal accident, he tells the story of his younger self and extended ‘family’, as they grapple with problems ranging from eco-friendly slug control to the mischief of a power-hungry guru. 

    An extraordinary chronicle of a lifestyle both alternative yet remarkably viable, a microcosm of eccentricity, comedy and occasional grotesque tragedy, it is told with the unflinching eye of a child and the sympathy of a narrator who sees the humour as well as the horror of life in all its deranged glory.

    'Funny and tragic, otherworldly and accessible - an enchanting account of growing up in a New Age Commune'. James Wheale, Founder of Nomadic Community Gardens

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