From Syria With Love

Author: The Children of Al Abrar Refugee Camp


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    A close-up portrait of children caught up in the Syria conflict. It brings together poems, pictures (previously displayed at the ‘From Syria With Love’ exhibition) and stories from young people living in a Syrian refugee camp in Lebanon, alongside short story narratives and poetry by those who have worked with the children or been inspired by their stories. The combination is both accessible and immediate, deeply moving and – because of the resilience and optimism of the children themselves – ultimately inspiring. It offers a unique insight into the daily lives of children living through extraordinary events, and reveals their fears, hopes and dreams for the future. 

    The ideal antidote to those who are left in despair by mainstream coverage of the Syrian conflict, it offers a sense of creativity, hope and peace, and helps to form a bridge between the reader and the refugees themselves. All profits from the book will go towards supporting families in the camp, both with basic necessities and in giving the children featured in the book the chance of a better future.

    The proceeds of this book will go directly to the charity 'From Syria With Love' to support the children of the Al Abrar camp featured in this book, as well as others across Syria and Lebanon

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