Explaining Cameron's Comeback

Author: Robert Worcester


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    Explaining Cameron’s Comeback analyses hundreds of surveys and focus groups to make sense of the 2015 election campaign from the voter’s perspective: what they really thought of Cameron and Miliband; why the campaign was so unusual; why it made sense to go negative, despite voters’ claimed dislike of it; and why the pundits read the polls wrong. They also use trend data going back six decades to help show what the 2015 campaign means for the next five years of British politics, from the European Referendum to the 2020 election.

    This is the fifth in a series explaining recent UK general elections and is written by four of the country's leading political analysts and pollsters. SIR ROBERT WORCESTER is the Founder of MORI. ROGER MORTIMORE is Director of Political Analysis at Ipsos MORI and Professor of Public Opinion and Political Analysis at King’s College London. PAUL BAINES is Professor of Political Marketing at Cranfield University and a specialist in the application of marketing in politics. MARK GILL is an adviser to governments around the world on public opinion research.

    “Another masterpiece from the Master, making sense of psephology in an accessible and well-written fashion. Apart from getting the story right, he also makes a valuable contribution to understanding why the ‘numbers game’ is difficult, why it matters and why David Cameron won.”

     Alastair Stewart OBE, ITV News

    “Not only a fine explanation of the election outcome, but the clearest exposition of polling methods and their limitations that I have ever read.”

    Professor Vernon Bogdanor

    You can read a detailed review from Mark Pack, Liberal Democrat commentator and public relations expert, here

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